October 2022 Newsletter


Kia ora koutou -

Congratulations to Wellington’s new Mayor, Tory Whanau!

New Mayor Tory Whanau cycling on the Wellington Waterfront.

Cycle Wellington are excited by the new council and look forward to working together on rolling out the bike network.

A big thanks to outgoing Mayor, Andy Foster, and other supportive councillors who are moving on: Jill Day, Fleur Fitzsimons, and Dr Jenny Condie - who we are sad to see (at this stage) has not retained her seat in Takapū / Northern Ward. We are very grateful for the momentum created for improving cycling in Pōneke by the previous council.

Alex Dyer, Tory Whanau, and Patrick Morgan after a great ride along the waterfront on the final day of the election.

Reflecting on the last year makes it clear how much progress we’ve made as a city towards improving conditions for people cycling. The level of funding, ambition, and commitment of our council is vastly ahead of what we were achieving in 2012.

Check out the slides from our AGM which includes a breakdown of all the mahi we’ve been involved in over the last 12 months.

Thanks to all of our supporters. Your contributions, submissions, and general good-natured advocacy is delivering real results.

Riddiford St. bike paths. Before (March 2021) and after (June 2022)

Ngā mihi nui e te whānau!

Linda Beatson and Alex Dyer

Calls to action

Add your business to the Cycling Works campaign

Wellington City Council have committed to create Paneke Pōneke - a connected bike network across the city. The plan is excellent but it is already being challenged by some for reallocating public road space.

Without your employer’s support there is a real possibility that naysayers will delay safe cycling climate action in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Ask your employer to stand up for your right to a safe cycling route to work.

Statements in support from business leaders (preferably a Managing Director or CEO) are needed about why your company supports the new cycling network plan.

Congratulations to the businesses who have already lent their support:

Inter-regional passenger rail in New Zealand

Consultation extended: Closes 21 October 2022

See New Zealand Our Way Railways sticker

Cycle Wellington encourages our supporters to have their say on the future of inter-regional passenger rail in New Zealand.

Technical knowledge is not critical to warrant a submission; the inquiry will benefit greatly from hearing many personal stories and how better inter-regional passenger rail might improve your or your families quality of life.

Check out this submission guide from the #SaveOurTrains campaign.


Submit to include bikes in FBT exemptions

Closes 2 Nov 2022

The Government currently dis-incentivises businesses from helping to provide bikes to employees by charging 64% extra tax through the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) system. Meanwhile, employers are exempt from FBT when providing car parks to staff. This needs fixing.

A bill currently out for consultation is looking into ways to enable employers to incentivise workers to use public transport through some changes to FBT settings. But the bill currently does not include changes to the tax charged on bikes.

Please make a submission to even the playing field, and help more people get on bikes.

Cycling Action Network have a consultation guide.

Upcoming bikeness

Aro Valley Micromobility Fest

1pm - 4pm, 15 October 2022

Whether you’re into scooters, bikes, skateboards, or curious about car-share, head along to Aro Valley to celebrate micromobility and learn more about plans to improve low carbon transport options in the area and beyond.

Picnics in Parks

11am - 12:30pm weekly on Fridays

Changing locations

Every Friday (nearly!) we meet up somewhere in central city Wellington in an on-street parking space. Join us for a chat and coffee, and sometimes: knitting, board games, and puppies, and help passers-by rethink the use of public space. We’re usually near a cafe, so come support a local business for your lunch as well.

Next Cycle Wellington Meeting

6pm Tuesday 1 November 2022

Sustainability Trust, Forresters Ln. and online. Sign up through this website to make sure you receive the online meeting link.

Project updates

Wellington City Council

Bike Network Transitional projects

Two sites are currently under construction with transitional designs: Newtown to City, and Botanics to City.

In Newtown, Riddiford Street curb & channel work has started to shift the southernmost part of the cycle path beside the curb. The team are investigating options for some curb and channel work at the Basin Reserve / Adelaide intersection as well.

Council wants to ensure more people are aware of the need to slow when cycling through the bus stop bypass platforms, especially when pedestrians and bus passengers are around. Council officers, accompanied by police will be at the platforms in coming weeks to share information and communicate expected behaviour.

Hillside slips around the city from the ongoing rainfall have been interrupting contractor availability for construction projects.

Consultation is planned for both Ngaio and Aro projects at the end of October.

Kilbirnie and Thorndon connections designs (several streets in both areas) are continuing.

Brooklyn Road

Consultation on the transformational design for Brooklyn Road has been pushed out until February 2023.

Middleton Road

The connection from Tawa at Takapu Road will be going straight to a business case for a transformational build. While there won't be any transitional treatment, other speed management work is happening at council that might improve safety in the short term here.

Other projects

Council is working on improving some minor waterfront signage. This work is not in relation to bike network or Let’s Get Wellington Moving projects.

Newtown parking management stakeholder engagement will be progressing over the next few months. The parking plan is expected to help mitigate impacts on parking from upcoming changes.

Recent goings on

OraTaiao Climate Action Kōrero Webinar

Sunday Best Spring Ride

Around 100 lovely folks enjoyed a stunning spring day ride around part of Te Whanganui-a-Tara on the Sunday Best Spring Ride hosted by Frocks on Bikes and Different Spokes Pōneke.