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We need safe and attractive streets to get Wellington moving by bike.

Public demand

  Our staff cycle. They deserve appropriate infrastructure.


Reduced congestion

  7,000 journeys are made by bike in Wellington every day. Increasing this number reduces congestion on crowded streets and bus routes, especially at peak times. That means we can all get more done.


Healthy lifestyles

  Wellington people work hard and are short of time. Fitting exercise into a daily ride makes for healthier, more productive teams.


Our environment

  We love Wellington. We want to be able to walk, eat, and laugh on its streets. Poor air quality and noise pollution affect businesses as well as residents.


A world-class city

  Major world cities like New York, Copenhagen and Paris have used cycling facilities to improve people's lives. This is Wellington’s chance to do the same.


Supporting retailers
  Cyclists and pedestrians spend more money in local retailers. Increasing cycling will help support the small businesses that help Wellington to thrive.





Help Cycle Wellington make riding in Wellington better than ever.

For only $5 a month you can make a difference.

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Funding the technology we use to coordinate and communicate with our membership
  • Buying ads, running campaigns, printing posters etc
  • Paying for venues and supporting events
  • Paying for pop-up bike lanes - planter boxes, screws, dirt, compost
  • Professional services e.g. accountants, lawyers, web designers, communication professionals

33% of contributions go to CAN (Cycling Action Network). CAN is the national body that coordinates cycle advocacy throughout the country.

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