Better Bike Park

Bike theft risk. This pole is not secure. Find a better park.


These white street signage poles are not secure. Don't lock your bike to them if you can help it.

The two types of pin that hold the poles in the ground (poorly).

They are easily removable from the ground and are a popular target by bike thieves.

Don't expect any security from wrapping a lock around this pole - it's only marginally useful as something to lean your bike against.

If you must leave your bike leaned against a removable street sign pole, please make certain you lock your wheel somehow. This stops your bike from being immediately rideable without further work by the thief.

If your bike has been stolen: report it to the Police or phone: 105

What to look for in a better park for your bike

  • use a proper bike rack
  • find a more secure pole, pipe, steel fence, or outdoor furniture
  • look out for the new bike parking corrals around town - on street bike racks
  • use a place out of the way of pedestrians and do not block services

For more bike security advice

For more information to help you keep your bike safe from being stolen including choosing a good lock, and registering your bike with 529 Garage, check out the following pages:

Find a better park. Map of bike parking in Pōneke


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