529 Garage bike security

Cycle Wellington has partnered with bike security platform 529 Garage – the world's largest community-powered bike recovery service.

This is a collaboration with Project 529, Cycle Wellington, Wellington City Council, and Greater Wellington Regional Council. Auckland and Christchurch have also partnered with 529 Garage to help address increasing levels of bike theft. 

Bike theft is on the rise, and we're encouraging bike owners in Wellington to register their bikes to protect against theft. 529 Garage is a free and easy-to-use app that enables you to register your bike easy, free and helps Police return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.

Nice bike. Lock it. Register it!

Want an extra level of security for your bike? Follow these steps:

Step 1

Register your bike.

Step 2

Once registered, pick up your 529 Garage shield stickers. Shields are available from most bike shops, as well as from Greater Wellington Regional Council, and you can also purchace shields from 529 Garage Aotearoa.

The benefits of registering your bike on 529 Garage

529 Garage allows you to collect together details, photos, descriptions, and serial numbers of your bike in minutes.

Once registered, you can also obtain a unique 529 Garage code on a tamper-proof shield that sticks to your bike. The shield acts as a signal to would-be thieves that the bike is registered and that the Police will be easily able to identify it, should it be stolen.

More advantages of registering your bike: 

  • Your bike will be included in a secure nationwide database.
  • If your bike gets stolen, you can use 529 Garage to send an alert to the local 529 community, and have all the details on hand to report the theft to the Police. 
  • If someone sees your bike, they can contact you anonymously through the app, or you can choose to display your contact information. 
  • 529 Garage makes it easy for Police to return your bike to you if it's found.
  • You can use the database to check if a second-hand bike you're considering purchasing has been flagged as stolen.

Download the 529 Garage app

Visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on your smartphone and download the 529 Garage app to register your bike now. 


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