June 2024 Newsletter


Calls to action

Stop the Government raising speed limits

Closes Thursday 11 July 2024

The draft Land Transport Rule – Setting of Speed Limits 2024 would reverse many instances of safer speeds in rural areas, force local authorities to raise urban speed limits to 50 km/h, and make variable low speed zones around schools confusing, expensive, and practically unenforceable.

Cycling Action Network opposes these unsafe, draconian changes to speed limits. Submit your disapproval to the Ministry of Transport.

Wadestown Connections Part 2 - Have your say

Closes at 5pm on Monday 24 June 2024

This consultation consists of three transport-related components: a transitional biking connection on Wadestown and Blackbridge Roads, a parking plan, and the Introduction of broken yellow lines along some streets in the area.

Part one of work in this area connects from Tinakori Road via Park Street and Grant Road, up Wadestown Road as far as the intersection with Pitt Street.

Check out our submission guide to help with your contribution.

Mid Term Review of the Regional Land Transport Plan!

Closes at 5pm on Monday 24 June 2024

The Regional Land Transport Plan that is managed by Greater Wellington Regional Council is undergoing its mid-term review consultation. It is a chance to hear from people in the region if the settings and priorities of the current regional transport plan are appropriate or need adjusting.

Cycle Wellington haven’t created a dedicated submission guide for this, but please see below for some thoughts to help with forming your feedback:

The primary task of the consultation is to rank the priorities used to guide which programmes and projects improve and maintain our public transport and roading projects (plus a touch of active transport) across the Wellington region.

The priorities, and their proposed weightings, are:

To see better cycling outcomes across the Wellington Region, we need to see the Travel Choice priority boosted over the Resilience priority. Having a higher weighting of Travel Choice will help focus regional efforts to make biking better, as well as support the public transport capacity priority. By prioritising Travel Choice - we also prioritise Resilience, Strategic Access, and Safety. Boosting ‘Resilience’  does not necessarily support the other priorities.

The problem with a focus on ‘Resilience’

We need to invest in resilience by prioritising modes at the top of the transport hierarchy; walking (even an earthquake won't stop that), cycling (very adaptable to disaster situations) and public transport (particularly rail), as these really do rely on specific links. 

Too often ‘resilience’ is used to excuse us doing the same thing no matter what, rather than an ability for the whole system to adapt to change or a disaster. The danger is that resilience is rationalising increases to roading capacity with new, wide roads built to more modern standards.

Building more / bigger roads will just make every non-disaster-day more problematic due to induced demand, and will perform even worse at the time a disaster strikes if people have limited travel choices.

We must spend regional resilience money wisely to also create greater benefits, not costs, outside of disaster scenarios. This means not building new four lane roads, and instead protecting the transport links we already have. For new links, we need smaller, diverse, and nimble links that primarily support active transport.

The high ranking and cost of the Mount Victoria tunnel project look to be out of kilter with the weightings of the Transport Investment Priorities, even if an increased 'resilience' weighting supports it. We encourage a low priority for the tunnel project.

Upcoming bikeness

The Wolf Run

3:45pm (Wolf Workshop), 4:45pm (Leave for The Wolf Run) Friday 21 June 2024

Thistle Hall 239 Cuba Street, Te Aro

Free. Donations welcome.

On the longest darkest night of the year at sundown the wolves will assemble. In the grand tradition of Tweed Runs, and as a part of the Lōemis 2024 Festival, Marcus McShane is proud to present the inaugural Wolf Run.

Wear the wolfiest attire you can ride in and, of course, bring your bike!

There is a workshop to accessorise your wolf-look lead by scenic designer Jen Eccles in advance of the event and we’d advise you to attend if you want to get a good mask sorted and your howling is up to scratch.

So, do you want to ride with our pack?

Next Cycle Wellington Meeting

6pm Tuesday 2 July 2024

Sustainability Trust, 2 Forresters Lane, and online.

Project updates


Many pieces of work are being held up by the uncertainty created by the new Government. Councils around the country are waiting to understand what the shape of an updated ‘National Land Transport Programme’ will be. This will give more direction on what projects can attract what levels of funding from central sources. It is unlikely to be good for walking and cycling projects.

Paneke Pōneke - Bike Network

Council is currently working on setting priorities for the projects involved in the City Streets package with decisions coming later in the year.

Evans Bay from Greta Point to Cobham Drive is expected to start soon. Work will be starting on sea wall construction in a couple of weeks (Hataitai Beach and south).

Brooklyn Traffic Resolution approved after the traffic management plan that was used for the temporary implementation had lapsed. Further work on the transformational treatment is on hold until the new NTLP is adopted. At that point WCC will revise the plan and look to proceed if there is co-funding. If there is no co-funding available; more options will be looked into.

Adelaide Road bus platforms are being upgraded - Please take care. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There is a ‘two-waying’ design being worked on for Rugby Street with with a traffic resolution expected later this year, pending council prioritisation of projects across the city.

Recent goings on

Cahoots trailer launch

Last Saturday Jade Musther of Cahoots launched the working prototype of their biking eTrailer using proceeds from a crowdfunding campaign CW supported recently.

It features its own regenerative brakes and electric motors. The trailer will enable Jade to haul equipment and materials to work sites safely at Wellington’s hillier locations.

The trailer and technology is incredibly impressive. Welly needs a fleet of these for sharing and hiring! Congratulations Jade!

Cargobikes are the new SUVs

Cycling Action Network are running a new campaign celebrating how useful and versatile cargobikes can be. They are the new SUVs; Sustainable Urban Vehicles!

Join in by posting on your social media with pictures of you hauling loads and use the hashtags: #maxQuaxing #cargobikes. You can also download pics to use as stickers for your posts here.