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Again Again agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

Again Again’s purpose is to make it easy for everyone to choose reusables as their normal, with commercially viable returnable container management systems. 200 locations countrywide offer Again Again returnables systems - app-based or cash-deposit borrowing. We voluntarily offset 120% [carbon-positive] business operations via Ekos, and team-members can access a mileage rate for work-related bicycle-use.

"We fully support the Paneke Pōneke plan to deliver sustainable transport and personal urban travel options. ‘Iron horses’, and other micro mobility options are simply more sociable, more fun, more human-centred, more inclusive, and far healthier for everyone.

People-centred mobility options like cycling are perfectly aligned with waste-free on-the-go food and beverage consumption from cafes, brewery cellar doors and local food venues. Inclusive and accessible streetscapes are proven to be more viable for local businesses, just as circular economy returnables systems can be similarly more cost-effective for hospitality vendors than operating with linear single-use make-take-waste.

Paneke Pōneke will strengthen our collective whanaungatanga, and contribute to making the places we live, work and play more enjoyable, healthy & participative environments for all."

David Binstead

Partnerships & Operations at Again Again


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