May 2024 Newsletter

Beat the cold with a CW hoodie!

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Calls to action

Cargobikes are the new SUVs

Cycling Action Network are running a new campaign celebrating how useful and versatile cargobikes can be. They are the new SUVs; Sustainable Urban Vehicles!

Join in by posting on your social media with pictures of you hauling loads and use the hashtags: #maxQuaxing #cargobikes. You can also download pics to use as stickers for your posts here.

Upcoming bikeness

Stay Bright at Night - Preparing for winter riding

5 - 7pm Wednesday 22nd May

Bikespace, 55 Cable Street

WCC are hosting a waterfront event with a bike repair workshop (requires booking), some giveaways, and tips and tricks for riding at night and more. Come along and get prepared for riding during the darker months.

Wellington Bike Swap

9am to 1pm, Saturday 25 May

Tararua Tramping Club, Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria

Run by the lovely folks at Get Lost Cycling, with proceeds to the champions at The Mechanical Tempest. “Free entry for buyers, $20 a table for sellers, and gold coin coffee from Supreme. Cost of the table is to cover rental of the space. Anything left over will go to The Mechanical Tempest”.

Next Cycle Wellington Meeting

6pm Tuesday 4 June 2024

Sustainability Trust, 2 Forresters Lane, and online. 

Project updates


Sustainable workplace travel

Wellington City Council are super keen to support Wellington workplaces - it can be as little as linking up with the quarterly Greater Wellington Regional Council Workplace Travel Forum, or as much as running a workplace travel survey and helping create workplace initiatives, providing resources and advice – all for free.

Get in touch with the team: [email protected]

Paneke Pōneke - Bike Network

Please send in your feedback for:

The construction of both the Berhampore to Newtown bus and bike route and Karori Connections projects are progressing. The Berhampore town centre work will be starting in the next few weeks. Work at Glenmore Street near the Botanic Gardens will also be underway soon.

New Botanics to City route report

A new report on the usage of the Botanics to City route shows a 27.5 percent increase in people on bikes following the changes. There has been a 41 percent increase in female riders (including e-scooters) compared with the increase in male users of 24 percent.

Evans Bay construction is looking good. Construction costs for two sea walls between Greta Point and Cobham Drive are being evaluated for options to seek some savings.

Brooklyn Road stage two is on hold due to constrained funding conditions under the Coalition Government.

Development of the Tawa to Johnsonville Connection (Middleton Road) is likely to be pushed out beyond 3 years given the unsupportive conditions for cycling infrastructure from the Coalition Government.

The contract extension for operating Beam and Flamingo shared Micromobility services in Wellington has been approved for another 18 months.

Recent goings on

Cycle lanes are good for business actually!

Article from The Spinoff by Ellen Rykers

“Evidence shows that lots of street-level businesses overseas actually thrive when they are in an environment that is friendly for people, not cars,” says Dyer. He’s right. The idea that replacing car parks with cycle lanes is bad for business is a frustratingly persistent myth, despite study after study finding either no overall impact, or a positive impact.

📢District Plan win! 📢

From A City for People campaign

Minister Bishop has released his decisions on Wellington City Council’s proposed District Plan. Councillors in March suggested a slew of pro-housing amendments to the flawed Independent Hearings Panel report. The Minister has agreed with nearly all of those amendments.

We are particularly glad to see that the Minister agreed to upzone Kilbirnie centre rather than agree to a further plan change process - a sensible decision that reflects the clear requirements in the National Policy Statement - Urban Development.

While we would’ve loved to see the 10 heritage buildings (including the crumbling Gordon Wilson Flats) that councillors delisted be confirmed, we understand that technical process requirements made that too difficult. Positive noises have been made by the Mayor and the Minister about reforming the heritage system as a whole, which is badly needed.

Thank you Minister, thank you councillors, and most of all thank you to all of our supporters who helped us see through this campaign. We started this in 2020 and this is the result we’ve been advocating for since day one.

Wellington’s poor housing record has held the city back for too long. This is a massive step in creating a city that is welcoming, affordable and vibrant - truly a city for people.

Read more about the decision: