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The Workshop agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

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The Workshop is a not for profit Wellington based organisation co-founded and run by Jess Berentson-Shaw and Marianne Elliott. The Workshop researches and develops strategies to communicate about complex social and environmental issues.

"We are an organisation that supports our people to live in ways that have meaning and value to them. Many of our people want to feel and be healthy, and care for the environment that cares for them. As a result many of them would like to use active and public transport more often (or start using it).

As an organisation and place of employment we can have a big influence on enabling them to do that through different workplace policies. However we recognise a big influence on people’s ability to move about in ways that build their health and the planet’s health is the infrastructure, policies and practices that people in government can create.

So we wholeheartedly support people in government more urgently creating a Wellington where our people can do more of the things they love for the planet they love - and thoroughly endorse a joined up cycle network.

We also support and encourage all those big changes that will mean that active and public transport is simply the easiest way for our people and all people in Wellington to move around."

Jess Berentson-Shaw (Dr)



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