Sustainability Trust

Sustainability Trust agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

Sustainability Trust is on a mission to create sustainable, healthy homes for our community, to support them to take climate change action, and to nurture their relationship with Papatūānuku. It employs over 50 FTE and has been based just off Tory Street in Pōneke Wellington since 2013.

“We want more Wellingtonians to be able to take climate protecting action as part of their day-to-day life.

We fully support Paneke Pōneke plans that make it easier for everyone to get out on their bikes, cutting carbon and air pollution to make our city a greener, safer and more climate resilient place.

More of our staff will cycle to work when the streets are safe and we will be able to do more of our work meetings and home visits by bike.

If all of us used our bikes more often it would mean fewer vehicles on the roads. That’s a win for everyone, and for us at the Trust, it means our teams of electricians, installers and home assessors can get out to our customers faster and find parking more easily!"

Georgie Ferrari

Chief Executive


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