Montoux agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

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"Montoux supports Paneke Pōneke - the bike network plan for Wellington.

Many of our staff commute by bike, which we support because, amongst other reasons, it overall improves our staff's physical and mental wellbeing and it reduces harmful emissions.

However, we are concerned about road safety and our staff getting hurt or worse. Many of our staff, although they enjoy riding their bike to and from work, often experience near miss accident situations.

I have been commuting to the city for over 10 years now and road safety has significantly increased, especially due to the introduction of bike lanes and reduced speed zones. These measures work very well. However, there are still various areas, especially in Wellington city, where road safety for cyclists is still an issue.

Therefore we support Paneke Pōneke - the bike network plan for Wellington."

Klaas Stijnen

Co-founder, CPO and board member for Montoux


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