GoodyGood agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

GoodyGood is a small, Wellington-based startup that makes it simple, fun and rewarding for individuals and households to offset their carbon emissions and fund climate projects.

"Switching to low-carbon, active modes of transport like biking is climate action, and we believe that when it comes to climate action, more is more. It's like toppings on an ice cream - you can never add too much. So we'd love to see more people able to get around on their bikes, more often.

We also believe that people are more inclined to do things when they're easy, fun and rewarding. Biking is pretty awesome if you already love it as much as we do, but a good, joined-up cycling network would make day-to-day trips on a bike way more accessible, nicer and more practical, for more people.

That's good for the planet, but it’s also good for Wellington and our people."

John Ong



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