Dragonfly Data Science

Dragonfly Data Science agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.


"As a science organisation and given the world is in a climate crisis, we don’t want to be encouraging car driving. Biking is a really simple thing that people can do every day to reduce their emissions.

At Dragonfly we have road bikers, mountain bikers and e-bikers. Because of our central location it’s been easier for us to make space for people’s bikes here in the office than encouraging other forms of transport.

It makes total sense to encourage more people to use bikes by making the whole experience safer.

We also support cycle-based deliveries for the organic, fair-trade, local fruit, coffee and milk that’s here for staff. Our coffee comes from Peoples and is delivered by their no-carbon cycle courier. The compost is picked up by Kaicycle – it’s great!"

Dr Edward Abraham

Founder and Director

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