Dinosaur Polo Club

Dinosaur Polo Club agrees that Cycling Works in Wellington.

"Safe and efficient cycle lanes are an important part of the transportation network in any city, and Wellington is no exception!

Our cool little capital needs Paneke Pōneke to keep creating and maintaining the cycle network, as everyone has a right to feel safe during their commute to work.

Several of our team of Dinos use cycling as their mode of transport throughout the city as a healthy and green alternative, so we want them to always feel like their wellbeing and safety is just as important as someone in a car.

Not to mention that the more cycling there is on roadways, the less cars there will be—leading to a win/win for congestion and the environment! If we want to really get Wellington moving, a walkable, cyclable city should ultimately be our goal.

Let's keep looking toward the future with an eye for sustainable transportation!"

Chantelle Cole

CEO of Dinosaur Polo Club

Picture of Chantelle Cole

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