Cycleway tack attacks will fail

Cycling advocates have vowed to keep fighting for safer streets, despite another tack attack on the Newtown to city cycleway.

Tack attack on Newtown cycleway

Thumbtacks have been found strewn along bike lanes in Newtown.

Cycle Wellington spokesman Patrick Morgan said these cowardly a-tacks will not succeed, because cyclists are harder than nails.

"Every day in Wellington thousands people on bikes deal with hills, weather and pretty average driving, so a few thumbtacks won't deter us."

"The point of this story is that Cycle Wellington gets a spike in donations every time some sad person attacks people on bikes. We will never give up fighting for safe streets."

In 2016, Cycle Wellington auctioned a plaque of tacks that were found on the Island Bay cycleway, raising funds for bike advocacy.

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