Bike lanes are climate action, say cycling advocates

Wellington plans to build a 147 km network of bike lanes are an effective way to take climate action, say cycling advocates, but they must be built much faster. 

Cobham Drive

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“Ten years is too long to wait for bike lanes,” says Cycle Wellington spokesperson, Patrick Morgan.

The Spanish city of Seville built 80km of bike lanes in less than two years. The number of people cycling grew from one percent to ten percent, for the same cost as 2.5 km of highway. 

“Bike lanes are climate action.” 

He says Wellington also needs Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) to make it easy for people to walk and cycle between local destinations like schools and shops. 


“Everyone in our community deserves to be able to get around easily, and a decent place to live. That’s why Cycle Wellington supports a new District Plan to enable much more housing to be built.”

He says Wellington risks losing a generation of people who simply can’t afford to live here. 


Better public transport is also essential to help Wellington transition to a low-carbon city. 

“Option Four is the best solution for Wellington, as it is the quickest and most affordable way to deliver better transport choices, to cut carbon, and to support more housing.” 

It is the only option which will cost less than the $6.4B budgeted for Let’s Get Wellington Moving. 

“Our transport system is broken. Too many people are unable to get around Wellington because streets are congested, buses are too expensive or infrequent, and because there aren’t enough bike lanes. Let’s fix that.”


Contact: Patrick Morgan, Cycle Wellington, tel 027 563 4733