Paneke Pōneke approved

Yesterday, our City Councillors voted strongly in favour of approving Paneke Pōneke, a network of bike lanes that will serve most Wellington suburbs.

This is a huge step forward for Wellington. During the meeting, the network grew by 19kms to cover 166kms.

Within 5 years we will be riding the network, built to a transitional level, like has been achieved on Brooklyn Hill.

People on bikes riding up the Brooklyn Road bike lane.

The network will then be enhanced, with community input, to a permanent, transformational quality within 10 years. Read more about it here, and here.

Thanks for helping us make Wellington a better city. Thank you to everyone who rode their bikes, advocated to Councillors, starred in our Bike Life videos, made a people-protected bike lane, donated, posted online, and helped us build our community. You are our heroes.

In more good cycling news from yesterday, Councillors voted to confirm an improved design for The Parade in Island Bay. They will reseal the street, add protective kerbs, improve visibility at driveways and intersections, and connect the bike lanes through the shopping area.

If you love our work, please help us achieve more. We're determined to make sure the Council delivers safe and attractive streets.