Cycling advocates award Fellowship to improve community accountability

Cycle Wellington has awarded the Alastair Smith Memorial Fellowship for 2021-22 to Jonathan Coppard.

The Fellowship is dedicated to furthering the work of veteran Wellington cycling advocate, Alastair Smith, who passed away in November 2019. It has a value of $5000.

Jonathan Coppard's project will improve the inclusivity and diversity of cycling advocacy.

Unfortunately for many decades now, Wellington's street environment has been so hostile to cyclists that only a few people feel able to ride bikes,” he says.

“This has led to a situation where cycling activism is unrepresentative of the wider Wellington community. We need to do better.”

“We are now starting to see a change in both the physical and cultural approach to streets. Bike lanes are changing the street environment so that more people feel able to ride a bike. It is essential that Cycle Wellington changes at the same time so that we are representative of the people we advocate for, and can contribute to the work required to address inequalities in Wellington.”

The outcomes of the Fellowship will be:

- an increase in the number and diversity of core members regularly volunteering time and representing Cycle Wellington at council meetings and in the media.

- an increase in the number and diversity of people attending Cycle Wellington monthly meetings in person or online.

- continuing work to improve the quality of Cycle Wellington submissions, communications and discussions in-person and online.

- better relationships between Cycle Wellington and other activist groups in Wellington.

About Jonathan Coppard
“I’ve been involved in Cycle Wellington for two years and have been cycling in Wellington since shortly after I was born here 29 years ago. I’m involved in writing submissions, presenting to council, working on strategy, and helping organise events such as our pop-up bike lane, and my recent move by bike. I work as a Cycling Instructor and bus driver. My time working with children cycling drives my activism. I passionately want to see a city where everyone can feel comfortable travelling around by bike.”

Contact: Patrick Morgan
Cycle Wellington
tel 027 563 4733