Here's the BIG one - Have your say on Paneke Pōneke, Wellington's bike network plan

Wellington City Council wants to know what you think about the planned bike network.

This is the big one we've been fighting for - a 147 km network of bike routes by 2030.

Max uptake2x v2Wellington City Council Says: "We’re seeking feedback on whether we’ve got the bike routes and connections right. We'd also like to hear how the street changes could affect you, your neighbourhood and the city. This is not a vote - your feedback will be considered alongside a whole range of other things.

You have options to have your say:

1. Make an online submission. using our Submission Guide below
2. If you're short on time, we've worked with A City For People on a quick submit. Takes about two minutes.

Alternate options:
3. Print and fill out the PDf form.
4. Kids can have their say.
5. Email WCC your feedback or questions [email protected]

Submission guide

If you'd like to have a more detailed say on bike routes, here's our submission guide, which takes about 20 minutes.
Have your say by 5pm, 14 December 2021

Section 1: Overall support

How important is it to make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles in and around the city?
Very important

Do you agree that a connected network of cycleways will result in more people using bikes to move around the city?
Strongly agree

Wellington City Council's goal is to reduce emissions from road transport and move more people with fewer vehicles as part of taking action against climate change. Thinking about this goal, do you think the long-term impact of a bike network would be:
Very positive

Overall, do you support the proposed bike network plan?
Strongly support

Do you agree the proposed network connects the key locations in the city?
Strongly agree or Agree

Section 2: What locations are not connected?

What locations do you think are not connected by the proposed network?
The proposed network is extensive and covers much of the city. If you think there's anywhere that's missed out or poorly connected, provide feedback here.

Section 3: General and Area-specific feedback

Here you can choose to provide specific feedback on areas you're familiar with, or general feedback on the overall network.

We recommend providing feedback on both.

Select the areas you'd like to give feedback on. Here's your opportunity to let the council know what works or doesn't work in the area you're familiar with.

Overall Feedback:

We thing the proposed network as a whole is excellent, but could benefit from the following improvements:

Ten years is still too long. It's essential we reduce our emissions within the next decade and a completed network will be key to achieve this. We have seen overseas that rapid rollout of cycling networks can be achieved within just a few years.

The Council should also create low-traffic neighbourhoods within suburbs, in addition to the proposed routes between suburbs which primarily benefit commuters. By implementing low traffic neighbourhoods, we can enable safe and comfortable trips within suburbs, through traffic calming, speed reduction, and provision of green space.

Section 4: Effects of the Bike Network on different groups

Thinking about the proposed bike network and the different ways people move around the city, what do you think the impact of the changes will be for people when they are:
Answer as appropriate.

Who else should we consider?
Have a think about what groups of people are not well represented in this process.

Section 5: Interim and permanent changes

We are really excited by the new interim approach to building bike lanes as a way to achieve change quickly, and get more bike lanes for the same budget. We've seen the success of this approach with the Brooklyn uphill cycle lane.

How important is it to get the bike network installed as quickly as possible?
Very important

What should we consider when putting in interim solutions?

  • Make sure cycleways are usable by people of all ages and abilities.
  • Include physical separation from motor vehicles, and physically prevent vehicles from parking in them.
  • Make them wide enough so people can pass each other.
  • Don’t build shared paths and avoid shared bus lanes.
  • Include traffic calming to slow speeds.
  • Make sure people on bikes are visible at intersections and driveways.
  • Include art and planting to make interim solutions look good, and relate to the neighbourhood. 

Section 6: Personal Information

Here you have the opportunity to give information about yourself, and upload any additional files to support your application.

If you have the capability we strongly recommend speaking to council in support of your submission. We've found this is the most effective thing that you can do to make an impact. If you haven't done it before, take a look at our top 5 submissions from the Long-Term Plan!

Thanks for taking the time to get involved!