We are a group who wants to see real change in wellington. We advocate, hold events, share bike related news, influence city planning and facilitate riding. 

When it comes to what we want to see...

Our objectives

  • 80% of people cycle for some trips each month
  • 20% of all trips are by cycle
  • 90% of those who cycle are satisfied with their cycling experience
  • Rates of fatality and injury for cycling are below that for cars (currently 5 per 100 million km)
  • Cycling is perceived as positive by 90% of the general population

If you want to make cycling around Wellington better - join us.


Help Cycle Wellington make riding in Wellington better than ever.

For only $5 a month you can make a difference.

Your contribution will go towards:

  • Funding the technology we use to coordinate and communicate with our membership
  • Buying ads, running campaigns, printing posters etc
  • Paying for venues and supporting events
  • Paying for pop-up bike lanes - planter boxes, screws, dirt, compost
  • Professional services e.g. accountants, lawyers, web designers, communication professionals

33% of contributions go to CAN (Cycling Action Network). CAN is the national body that coordinates cycle advocacy throughout the country.

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